Get Fun Trading Football Cards


Have Fun Trading Football Cards

I am among the fortunate females inside existence that has the privilege of living with all guys. Yes, that’s right, I reside inside my apartment with my spouse plus 4 sons! I not might have imagined which my existence might come out this means, neither might I have imagined how much I love being encircled by all my males. There is really much to share about this topic, for I have learned a host of points from being removed from different girls about a daily basis. One of the details which has fascinated me regarding raising guys is the interests they select to invest time about. As an example, for the previous 3 years trading sports cards has been truly the only thing talked about inside the house.

I grew up with all sisters, thus it was very a hot thing for me to be encircled by litte guys. I was surprised by their need for adventure plus by their want to play items like ‘cops plus robbers.’ I was equally surprised which they can discover these fun inside collecting, trading, purchasing plus marketing these a thing because sports cards.

Each of my 4 guys plus my spouse has a big binder which holds their sports cards. I guess my spouse grew up collecting sports cards plus cards from additional sports, thus he was thrilled to have sons plus reach include them inside 1 of his favorite interests. They love their sports card collections plus they have their binders organized really thus. I cannot see a system to their madness, yet I am assured which there is 1 plus which “I wouldn’t know considering I am a girl.” I agree totally.

Once a year my guys take away plus go to a convention whose sole cause is for trading, ordering plus marketing sports cards. I love it whenever they go considering I receive the home to me for a lengthy weekend, however, I furthermore love it considering my guys come house plus are filled with excitement for weeks about end. We constantly create popcorn plus drink soda whenever they return because they every take turns showing me every (I’m not exagerating) card which they got at the convention. I have grown to love these occasions with my guys, plus I’ve even learned a lot regarding sports inside the task.

So consider beginning to gather plus trade sports cards should you don’t absolutely. From a mom’s attitude, it’s harmless plus somewhat educational, plus I think at this point which I cannot ask for more.

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  1. Chester wrote::

    Both me and my father are insane card collectors and im currently trying to break away from the habit on top of that im currently unemployed and could really use the money.

    I have many full sets of
    Tv series – cartoons / live action etc.

    Its actually ridiculous how many different card sets i have. I need a place anywhere between Manhattan,Brooklyn,Queens to sell them i need to make space and allot of these cards are a combination of mine growing up and of my fathers the collecting process was fun while it lasted but iv grown out of it and just want to get rid of them.

    Also please don’t suggest ebay the only way id make any profit would be to sell each card i own individually wich i may do with a few sets at different times but i honestly don’t have the patients to send out individual cards through the mail to several different addresses i have a fair idea of what is worth what i just want a place to sell stuff at my own pace and hands on .

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 4:17 am #    
  2. EzioAuditore1459 wrote::

    i felt so bad for A. Rodgers he’s been tossed around more than a football saying yeah dude you are starting for the NFL Packers woo hoo – no wait favre is coming back, yeah you are the QB again, No wait Favre is back. Favre, leave Green Bay for good – and maybe come to my team – another Bay…tampa bay :-) I would feel bad for Garcia in a sense but he has been backup ( and succeeded greatly when McNabb got hurt in Philly ) I really love Simms, but know he is not 100 percent to be a starter in sense but I would be majorly upset if they traded a lot of good people for Favre. could be great, could go terribly wrong. what do you other fellow bucs fans think? Veronica

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 10:32 am #    
  3. brincks26 wrote::

    I was arguing with my friend about what requires someone to be considered a 90′s kid and have come up with the following:
    You must know how to rollerblade
    You were born before 1991
    Youve seen all the Disney movies like goofy movie lion king hercules, etc
    Must have owned a tamagochti
    Owned a pair of light-shoes
    Watched all those shows, saved by the bell, home improvement, etc

    What else can you think of?

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 2:32 pm #    
  4. Rishi wrote::

    what do you think people 350 years ago thought the world would be like today.
    just wondering

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 6:08 pm #    
  5. ericmreitz wrote::

    hey guys i know you’ve already read the topic but let me explain it a bit more. Throughout all my years in middle school/primary i’ve always been known shy and even on my interveiws with teachers they’d all say hes good but hes really shy. And right now its my first year in highschool and i feel like its gonna be hard to make friends if i dont tend to talk alot or carry this on, i would talk alot but my voice gets so weird and feels like im crying while i talk in large groups i have no idea why it happens i even try to drink water and stuff but it still happens i get really nervous and get considered shy any help guys ? or if u had it how u overcame it or something please?

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 10:27 pm #    
  6. toast wrote::

    I’m a casual NFL fan and I don’t buy into unconditional fandom. I really disagreed with the firing of Marty Schottenheimer in San Diego last year so I’m trading in my Chargers card. Who should I root for and why? I’m not necessarily looking for front runners either. I’m moreso into a quality organization, really fun team to watch, things like that. I’ll take exciting to watch over perrenial playoff team anyday. Teams I like in other sports, for example, are the Angels in baseball and the Suns in basketball. Fast, aggressive mentality teams.

    If you think my jumping ship makes me a bad sports fan or something don’t bother criticising me. I respect where you’re coming from, but I think if a team lets you down you have every right to change.
    Dude, if I were frontrunner guy why would I be getting off the Chargers now? They’re really good. Like I said, I respect “fan for life guy” but that’s not me. I think it was wrong of them to fire Marty and I hope they are proven wrong in their decision.

    Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 1:40 am #    
  7. Joe T wrote::

    A barry bonds rookie card
    A frank thomas rookie card
    A ken griffey rookie card
    A barry sanders card
    A troy aikman card
    And A sergei ferdorov soviet hockey card

    Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 6:29 am #    
  8. Muzahid wrote::

    basically i got married last year 2 a woman older than me im 29 she is 44 she has 2 girls and at 1st it was great going out having fun etc etc then bout 6 months down the road we both drunk and i proposed so then we start talking bout marriage and make plans now my wife didn’t want to wait for year or so just to make sure we were doing the right thing so last july we got married all going good, so where the girls play football a mother of another child started talking to me and as the child is in the same class as my daughter she asked if could come round for dinner so the mother said yea that was fine and gave me her number etc so i told the wife this and she gave me verbal and said that this woman fancied me and left it at that, then few weeks later the wife starts getting moody and questioning every text i got and then i started getting texts from this unknown number saying that i was a stupid man for having a affair (which am not) so i asked the wife if it was her but she denied it but then few days later i found the sim card pack with the number of the unknown texts and she still denied it, so where am at in this relationship is do i stick with it and continue to be lied to or get a divorce as it is really tearing me up inside

    Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 11:19 am #    
  9. shahedC wrote::

    i also have two boxes of baseball cards upper deck 1991 and 1992 complete 800 cards. Do i open or not, I have football card with Brand name of Wild Ones or something close
    oh by the way I was just told that Brett Favre rookie cards in that box.

    Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 11:47 am #    
  10. borabora5524 wrote::

    A few of my friends live out of town which makes it impossible to collect cash. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a site where it can just be us playing in the same league for money. Thanks in advance

    Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 7:44 pm #    
  11. thexbox360player wrote::

    I know pretty much everything about him, but I’d love to learn more!!!
    Religion, Politics (he’s under 18 but wants to be president so he must have decided.), etc.
    anyone got anything?
    Mean, or rude comments will be ignored.
    Yup he plays drums, guitar, piano and glockenspiel

    Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 8:16 pm #    
  12. Agent 47 wrote::

    tell me everything you know about the jonas brothers and like about them. if you want please post some pictures that are really cool too!!!! tell me everything you like about them and why. and like rare info and like rare pictures!

    Monday, March 24, 2014 at 9:46 am #    
  13. Armas wrote::

    where can i find Nick Jonas’ bio….. i’ve looked all over the internet but everything is wrong i need real information….. thanks

    Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 3:04 am #    
  14. Rishabh Bajpai wrote::

    I only need answers from people who know please. I’m not talking about looking into a magazine or getting cards appraised. What i am asking is how the actual “business” or the need for cards are these days. Do you just put a card up for sale that you have valued from a book and wait to see if there is someone interested? And also, is there an equal interest in different catagory of sports cards? As in football, baseball, basketball. thanks, and again, would only the people who know the facts answer please?

    Monday, June 9, 2014 at 11:46 am #